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CACLTN Guides and Toolkits

Partnerships for Housing Preservation Toolkit (Link)

CLT Neighborhoods Study (Link)

SB9 Guidebook for CLTs in CA (Link)

CLT’s Guide to SB1079 (Link)

Key Findings from the CA CLT Survey (Link)

Model Ground Lease for a Limited Equity Cooperative on a CLT (Link)

Commentary on Model Ground Lease For A Limited Equity Cooperative On A CLT (Link)

CACLTN Guide to multifamily housing on CLT property (Link)

CACLTN Property Tax Guide (Link)

Board of Equalization (BOE) Guidance letter to Assessors (Link)

Housing Element Advocacy Guide (Link)

Community Preference and Tenant Selection Toolkit (Link)

Affordable Housing Vocabulary Glossary (Link)

Community Land Trusts As Stewards of Public Land: A Guide For Local Governments in California (Link)

Guide to Capital Improvements Policies (Link)

Staffing Resource Tool (Link)

Popular Education materials

Housing Commodification Timeline (Link) (English, Spanish, Chinese)

World We Want to Live In Graphics (Link) (English, Spanish, Chinese)

2008 Crisis Graphics (Link) (English, Spanish, Chinese)

CLT Policy and Advocacy materials

 CA CLT Network Overview One Pager (Link)

2021 CA CLT Network Impact Report (Link

Foreclosure Intervention Housing Prevention Program (FIHPP) Fact Sheet (Link

2022 Policy Priorities (Link)

AB 1837: Homes in Community Hands FACTSHEET (Link)

AB 1206: Housing Justice Tax Equity Act (Link)

Opportunity to Purchase Act: Campaign Playbook (Link

CACLTN Trainings and Webinars 

February 13, 2024 – Community Land Trusts 101

This free online webinar covered community land trust (CLT) basics, CLT strategies for acquiring and preserving housing, the CLT landscape in California, and more. The event has been designed to aid community members, nonprofit staff, government employees and elected officials who are looking to learn about how community ownership and CLTs are creating an alternative to the speculative real estate market and could be put to use in their neighborhood, town, or region.

September 21, 2023 – CLTs Guide to SB1079 | Session Two

Preparing CLTs to acquire properties before or during trustee sale, utilizing Senate Bill 1079 + funding from HCD’s Foreclosure Intervention & Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) – prepared by The California Endowment Community Land Trust Cohort in conjunction with CACLTN

September 14, 2023 -Developing a Financial Stability and Business Plan  

FIHPP requires applicants to demonstrate organizational capacity to plan for and manage an affordable SMMF real estate portfolio. This webinar will help prospective FIHPP applicants understand how to put together a financial sustainability/business plan and 20-year organizational cash flow in preparation for FIHPP’s application process.

August 24, 2023 – CLTs Guide to SB1079 | Session One

Preparing CLTs to acquire properties before or during trustee sale, utilizing Senate Bill 1079 + funding from HCD’s Foreclosure Intervention & Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) – prepared by The California Endowment Community Land Trust Cohort in conjunction with CACLTN

August 10, 2023 -Development Partnerships Webinar

This session explores how emerging nonprofit developers can vet and implement collaborations with experienced development partners to preserve housing for lower-income households. 

March 28, 2023- Planned Giving and Fundraising for CLTs  

In this workshop, CLT members examine the ways in which CLTs can increase their funding via modes of fundraising and other strategies. 

March 21, 2023- CACLTN Teach-In: Staffing Considerations for CLTs 

In this workshop, members learn about how CLTs structure their staff to achieve their goals. 

San Joaquin Valley Community Ownership Workshop Series

To access resources and materials from the San Joaquin Valley Community Ownership Workshops, please click here.

February 28, 2023- CACLTN Teach-In: Tenancy in Common (TIC) in CLTs 

This workshop focuses on TIC in CLTs while delivering the opportunity to ask questions from experts about TIC and how they can be utilized by CLTs in California.

January 24, 2023- CACLTN Teach-In: CLT 101 

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of Community Land Trusts and how they are making an impact in California.

  • Presentation Slides (English)
  • Presentation Slides (Spanish)
  • Recording (English)
  • Recording (Spanish); Passcode: 3x?I+oqH   To listen in Spanish, click on the globe in the bottom right corner of the video screen and select “Spanish”. Then you can skip forward to minute 7, second 35 which is where the content gets started. Para escuchar en Español, apache el globo que se encuentra en la esquina derecha  de abajo y seleccione “Español.” Luego adelante el video hacia el minuto 7, 35 segundos, cuando el contenido empieza.

January 10, 2023- CACLTN Teach-In: Social Media Training 

This workshop gives a holistic look into different social media platforms and focuses on how CLTs can use social media to their advantage. 

December 6, 2022- CACLTN Teach-In: Introducing the CA CLT Guide to Capital Improvement Policies

This workshop focuses on the design and implementation of capital improvement policies for CLTs and introduces a new guide for use by CLTs. 

October 13-14, 2022: CACLTN Annual Conference (Click Here For More)

This Annual Conference creates a space for celebrating CA CLT achievements, reflecting on needs as a movement, and determining future priorities. Click the link above or below to go to our CA CLT Annual Conference page!

September 20, 2022- CACLTN Teach-In: “Introducing the CA CLT Model Ground Lease for Housing Cooperatives”

This Teach-In introduces a new resource for CLTs developing limited equity cooperatives.  

August 23, 2022- CACLTN Teach-In: “Options for Multifamily Housing on a CLT”

This Teach-In explores options for multifamily housing on a CLT by navigating terminology, possible actors, and resources within multifamily housing and CLTs.  

July 26, 2022- CACLTN Teach-In: “Winning Support from Local Government”

In this Teach-In, CLTs shares how they achieve support from the local government to fortify progress in a successful CLT. Together we consider how different strategies can work for different CLTs in different locations and different contexts.

July 12, 2022- CACLTN Teach-In: Affordable Housing Vocabulary

This workshop explores affordable housing vocabulary that people encounter and use when building a CLT.

April 19, 2022—CACLTN Teach-In: Engaging Tenants about Homeownership conversions

March 15, 2022—CACLTN Teach-In: CLT Finance Database Training

March 1, 2022—CACLTN Teach-In: Engaging Tenants Before CLT Acquisitions

This workshop explores strategies and considerations for engaging with tenants in a building that is interested in joining the CLT.

February 16, 2022—CACLTN Teach-In: CLT Staffing

This workshop showcases strategies and considerations for engaging with tenants in a building that is interested in joining the CLT. In this Teach-In, CLTs share how they staff, why their staffing structure is as it is, and the pros and cons of their model. Together we consider how different staffing strategies can work for different CLTs in different contexts.

February 1, 2022—CACLTN Teach-In: Community Preference, Tenant Selection & Fair Housing

Can Community Land Trusts reserve units for certain demographic groups? For formerly displaced tenants? For essential workers? CACLTN and a team from UCLA Law explore the opportunities and limitations that fair housing law poses for CLTs in how they prioritize and select tenants and homebuyers.

November 2, 2021—CACLTN Teach-In: Property Tax Welfare Exemption

This workshop covers CLT eligibility for the welfare exemption and the process for obtaining the welfare exemption in California.

October 19, 2021—CACLTN Teach-In: Constituency Relationship Management (CRM)

In this workshop, we explore the new online tools bundled as a one-stop-shop called CRM.

October 5, 2021—CACLTN accounting Teach-In

This teach-in covers considerations and best practices in accounting for CLTs including chart of accounts, functional expenses, property vs. operations, capitalization, and more.


September 30, 2021- CLT Fundamentals Workshop

This workshop covers the fundamentals behind a Community Land Trust (CLT) in California.

September 21, 2021—CACLTN Housing Element Teach-in

This workshop focuses on how organizations can advocate for their region’s needs as each locality prepares its housing element.

August 31, 2021 – CLT Survey Presentation

This presentation is presented by a team of researchers from UC Berkeley’s Goldman Public Policy Institute on organizational and residential data from CLT network members.

August 16, 2021 – SB 1079 Funding/ FIHPP Training Workshop

This workshop introduces the recently passed legislation which will set up a $500 million fund to help acquire foreclosure properties and keep them off the real estate market for affordable housing purposes.

May 29, 2021 – CLT Boards 101

This workshop is a look at how CLT Boards can be organized and their continued development.

April 21, 2021 – In It for the Long Run

April 17, 2021 – Acquisition & Rehab Part 2

This workshop provides a continued in-depth look at how to purchase and rehabilitate housing.

April 15, 2021 – Know Your SB 1079 Rights

 This Know Your Rights Workshop covers: the history of foreclosures in California; the history of SB 1079; case studies and strategies; the next steps to fighting corporate land grabs; and how to buy foreclosed homes.

March 6, 2021 – SB91 Housing Assistance

This workshop explains the new housing assistance provided by senate bill 91 and other renter’s protection programs in California.

Jan. 30, 2021 – Policy Forum

This event highlights some of the property tax policy wins and ongoing legislative campaigns

Dec. 20, 2020 – Acquisition & Rehab Part 1

This workshop provides an in-depth look at how to purchase and rehabilitate housing.

Dec. 11, 2020 – On Common Ground Book Event

This event hosts a conversation with the editors of a book on the worldwide CLT movement.

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