Supporting Member Application

Thank you so much for partnering with the CA Community Land Trust Network. With your support, we are looking forward to a year of collaboration and growth. From capacity building to policy advocacy, we have a lot planned and we are excited to have you on board.

This page is for individuals or organizations to establish or renew their Supporting Membership with CACLTN. Supporting Members are individuals and organizations that are allies and contributors to our collective work but are not organized as Community Land Trusts.

Benefits of Supporting Membership:

  • Supporting members are encouraged to take part in CACLTN working groups
  • Supporting members cannot nominate board members or vote in annual meetings. 
  • Supporting members are welcome and encouraged to attend the annual meeting

To become a CACLTN Supporting Member: 

    • Fill out the form below including the affirmation that you or your organization are willing to uphold the CACLTN’s core values

    • Pay the membership dues (details at bottom)

    • Look out for email confirmation of you membership status which should take one to three weeks. CACLTN screens applicants to ensure that all members are mission and values aligned

*Dues paid in the months of Nov and Dec will include membership for the following calendar year. Questions? Please call (415) 967-0497