Casa Familiar’s Avanzando San Ysidro community land trust or “CLT” will create stable housing options and contribute to building generational wealth for our community. The CLT allows for community ownership of land and serves as an anti-displacement strategy.

The Bay Area Community Land Trust creates permanently affordable, sustainable communities of cooperative homeowners, to remove land and housing from the speculative market, and stabilize our neighborhoods.

The Beverly Vermont Community Land Trust (BVCLT) will be the leading organization in Los Angeles specializing in permanently affordable sustainable housing for those who are dedicated to a lower impact life style and have limited access to market rate housing (including those with lower wage jobs, on fixed incomes, or with disabilities).

Bolinas Community Land Trust works to serve the community by providing affordable housing for families and individuals, and through projects that maintain the special character of Bolinas that visitors and locals cherish and have fought to protect.

CARE Association

CARE Association uses innovative ideas to create truly affordable housing.

Central California Land Trust

The Central California Land Trust (CCLT) aims to provide homeownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income families in Central California while creating permanent housing affordability through the use of a land trust model. In this model, the land trust owns real estate in order to provide benefits to its local community. 

Located in the rural, coastal communities surrounding Tomales Bay, CLAM works to ensure the ongoing vitality and diversity of West Marin’s communities by taking residential property out of the speculative market.

The goal of CommonSpace CLT is to keep people in place with a deep commitment to ecological stewardship and onsite democratic governance.

Eden Community Land Trust

EDEN Community Land Trust is in the process of forming a Community Land Trust to serve the Unincorporated Eden area. EDEN CLT is created by community members who want to transform their neighborhoods and ensure that they all have high-quality permanently affordable homes. 

El Sereno Community Land Trust is affordable housing and land conservation in the hands of the community.

Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre (FCTL) was formed in 2019 when community members from Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles decided to fight gentrification by forming an organization that could take land and housing off the speculative market and put it into community control. Together we strive for the cultivation of space for the most vulnerable members in the neighborhood to be able to have a voice and live in what is being developed in their community.

Housing for All Long Beach CLT is currently incubated by Long Beach Residents Empowered (LiBRE). LiBRE is committed to advancing justice in disadvantaged communities through the creation and preservation of affordable housing, renter protections, and community economic development. Our work is driven by our values of shifting power dynamics so that we can put an end to displacement and homelessness and ensure housing as a human right for everyone who calls Long Beach home.

The mission of the Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County is to provide home ownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income families in Sonoma County while ensuring permanent housing affordability through the use of a land trust model.

Inland Equity Community Land Trust is dedicated to the social and charitable development and preservation of high-quality, affordable and environmentally sustainable housing so people can thrive in the community where they live and work.

The Irvine Community Land Trust provides secure, high-quality affordable housing as a non-profit organization that acquires and retains land with the purpose of developing permanently affordable rental, ownership and special needs housing for the benefit of income-eligible families.

Jefferson Exposition Park West Adams Community Land Trust (JEPWA CLT)

JEPWA CLT’s mission is to stabilize the neighborhoods near USC where real estate speculation continues to push low-income, long-term residents. We serve as stewards to community controlled land as the basis for creating pedestrian-centered neighborhoods that offer affordable housing, economic opportunities, and recreational spaces.

Liberty Community Land Trust

Liberty CLT is part of a wider eco system focusing on building neighborhood stability and a solidarity economy while staying environmentally sustainable.

Mt. Tam CLT

Mt. Tam Community Land Trust is a local non-profit dedicated to creating, preserving and sustaining permanent affordable housing in Southern Marin. Through outreach, tenant advocacy and property management, we strive to support a thriving, vibrant and diverse community.

NCLT is a Community Land Trust (CLT) that uses community ownership and control of the land in order to provide affordable homes and community facilities in perpetuity.

OakCLT promotes neighborhood stability and community involvement through the provision of permanently affordable housing and access to land. OakCLT also supports the development of open space, agricultural, commercial, and retail facilities that serve low-income residents.

PAHALI (Preserving Affordable Housing Assets Longterm, Inc)

PAHALI’s mission is to assure zero net loss of community-held housing assets and facilitate development of new affordable homes or conversion of existing home to long-term affordability.


RichmondLAND is a member-based organization led by women of color dedicated to creating pathways for everyday people to organize, acquire, and co-steward land and properties as community assets to build staying power, now and for the future.

Sacramento Community Land Trust

SacCLT prevents displacement and restores power to historically discriminated neighborhoods to combat deterioration and market speculation by fostering equitable development for generations to come.

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust provide shigh quality dignified, permanently affordable homes and supportive programs to Lake Tahoe’s low and moderate-income employees and residents.

The SFCLT is a membership-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to create permanently affordable, resident-controlled housing in San Francisco through community ownership of land.

San Gabriel Valley Community Land Trust

The San Gabriel Valley Community Land Trust acknowledges that the affordable housing crisis is greater than any one community and are envisions a regional municipal partnership.

South Bay Community Land Trust

The South Bay Community Land Trust mission is to combat displacement, land speculation, and community deterioration while expanding housing and economic development opportunities for low-income and moderate income residents in Santa Clara county.  

South Tower Community Land Trust

The South Tower Community Land Trust is currently building community control of land, buildings & civic resources centered in the South Tower District. 


Supportive housing Community Land Alliance

The Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (SHCLA) will provide environmentally sustainable housing in high opportunity neighborhoods for people living with serious mental health challenges in Alameda County.

THRIVE intends to raise the standard of community involvement in planning, neighborhood design, and local governance decisions.

Tierras Indígenas Community Land Trust

Tierras Indígenas Community Land Trust works towards a unified autonomous community in healing and reconnecting with the land to offer dignified housing to all, operating on unceded Kumeyaay land. 




T.R.U.S.T. South LA is a community-based effort that works to stabilize the neighborhoods south of Downtown LA, where increased property values and rents have pushed out many long-term residents.


Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy

The Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa (pronounced Tar-a-haht pah-hava) Conservancy is a Tongva-led org created to steward lands in Tovaangar, the traditional Tongva region, encompassing the greater LA basin. The Conservancy has received land back, is creating community for and housing Native people, practicing traditional ceremony, creating a Native archive, and rematriating the land.



Two Valleys Community Land Trust

Two Valleys Community Land Trust’s mission is to preserve, create, and manage affordable housing in the Two Valleys and beyond. Our vision is a culturally diverse and vibrant San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio communities that retains its unique, rural and natural qualities while offering housing opportunities for people of all income levels and walks of life.


The Wukchumni Tribe 501c3 is dedicated to revitalizing and maintaining the cultural values (traditional and spiritual) of the Wukchumni Yokuts. We strive to develop and teach our cultural values and traditional life ways to our children, as done by our ancestors before us. We serve our Wukchumni people by teaching and actively using methods that help us to protect and preserve our traditional food systems, plants, and traditional ecological knowledge used sustain our traditional life ways. We work together with guidance from our Elders to provide educational opportunities in our local schools and at community events.