About the CA CLT Network

The California Community Land Trust Network Supports The Growth Of Permanently Affordable, Community Controlled Land And Housing In California.

Our members span the state from Humboldt to San Diego, collectively stewarding over 1,500 permanently affordable homes housing over 3,500 Californians. CLT Network members fight the displacement of BIPOC and low-income families by keeping over $220,000,000 of community assets off of the speculative market and in community control. With 26 established groups state-wide and numerous more emerging, Community Land Trusts are a growing force at a time when rising housing costs are pushing our neighbors from their homes. 


— We Connect

We serve as a state-wide hub for established & emerging CLTs to share resources, information, tools, and best practices.


— We Inform

We share information on policy issues
of interest to California based CLTs and allied organizations


— We Convene

We organize in-person state-wide meetings for CLT staff, board and residents



— We Educate

We educate the public, our partners, and our elected officials about Community Land Trusts


— We Support

We support the establishment of new and emerging CLTs


— We Find & Fund

We advocate for and develop resources for use by CLTs across the state

CA CLT Network Values Statement

This statement of collective values was developed by members, board, and staff of the CA CLT Network over the fall and winter of 2022 to help guide our decision-making and shape our work together. They were finalized in early 2023.

Our Core Values:

Racial and Economic Justice
Decommodification of Housing and Land
Sustainability and Climate Justice

Racial and Economic Justice

We strive for centering racial and economic justice in the CLT movement. We recognize that low-income and communities of color are most impacted by high rents, evictions, health disparities, and exclusion from access to land, capital, and political power. 

● We believe in the need to center the experience of low-income and BIPOC people in our work and to make sure they are leaders in our movement while rejecting strategies and economic systems that exclude people based solely on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or able-bodiedness.


● ​​We recognize the diversity of struggles for justice and honor the interconnected movements for Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation, disability justice, immigrant justice, gender justice, and other liberation/justice movements.

● We acknowledge that organizations fighting for justice will not all look or sound the same; We support CLTs’ autonomy to carry out efforts and campaigns that honor their local context and unique histories.

Decommodification of Housing and Land

● We strive for the decommodification of land and housing by creating permanent affordability and prioritizing resident and community control.


● As a Network of diverse organizations from a large state, we recognize the value of collective decision-making, member leadership, and collaboration in identifying and achieving our shared goals.

● We know that not all individuals or communities have access to the same levels of power and opportunity and we strive to create working spaces that lift up the voices of marginalized individuals and organizations.

● We assume the best intentions but also hold each other accountable for maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and constructive communication in which all voices are heard.

Sustainability and Climate Justice

● We recognize that addressing the housing crisis and striving for climate justice are inextricably linked and require dismantling and repairing the harms caused by all systems of oppression and extraction.

● We commit to the exploration and implementation of environmentally sustainable and regenerative practices.