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Providing necessary resources to existing and emerging Community Land Trusts (CLTs) from across the state of California.

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The California Community Network creates and commissions resources each year aimed at supporting emerging CLTs and helping established CLTs increase their impact. Browse our Resource Library for tools and templates on a variety of topics, such as CLT accounting, staffing, state policy impacts, Board governance, and more. 

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Featured Resource: Partnerships for Housing Preservation Toolkit

 This toolkit is geared towards community-based organizations, such as Community Land Trusts and Community Development Corporations, as an introduction and how-to guide for navigating the initial steps, and subsequent formation process, for partnerships (aka Joint Ventures, “JVs”) with more experienced development collaborators.

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CACLTN Guides and Toolkits

Find essential resources tailored for community land trusts, local governments, and affordable housing developers.

These resources offer practical advice, strategies, and tools for community land trusts to enhance their operations, engage in effective partnerships, and increase their impact on community housing stability and affordability.

Popular Education Materials

These materials are crafted to simplify complex housing issues, fostering community involvement and advocacy in affordable housing and land trust initiatives.

Aimed at promoting understanding and action, they serve as a bridge between technical knowledge and community-led efforts for sustainable housing solutions.

Education materials

CACLTN Trainings 
and Webinars

We offer a range of trainings and webinars designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those involved in community land trusts and affordable housing.

These sessions cover a variety of topics, including organizational development, financial management, policy advocacy, and practical tools for community engagement, providing valuable insights for both newcomers and experienced practitioners in the field.

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CLT policy

Policy and Advocacy Materials

These materials designed to equip organizations and individuals with the resources necessary for effective advocacy and policy engagement in support of Community Land Trusts (CLTs).

These materials include policy briefs, advocacy guides, and legislative updates that provide insights into current housing policies, strategies for influencing policy decisions, and best practices for mobilizing community support for sustainable, affordable housing initiatives.

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