Help Us choose a direction for our brand refresh!

Design 1: Unified Prosperity

This stylescape visually encapsulates the essence of CACLTN, blending both its dedication to inclusive growth and its radiant aspirations. Drawing from the brand’s commitment to bridging economic disparities, this concept embodies a sense of togetherness, progress, and mutual upliftment.

  • Colors: Green shades signify growth, natural prosperity, and sustainability, echoing CACLTN’s mission to foster economic and environmental balance. Vibrant gold represents affluence, accomplishment, and the aspiration to elevate all members of society to a standard of enriched living.

Design 2: Connective Vibriliance

This stylescape aims to visually represent the core essence of CACLTN, capturing both its dynamic connectivity within communities and its vibrant spirit. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s objectives and aspirations, this concept encapsulates a sense of unity, diversity, and forward momentum.

  • Colors: The color palette comprises blues, oranges, and a calming teal. Blue stands for trust and depth, representing the longstanding impact of CACLTN. Orange signifies enthusiasm and success, highlighting the energetic drive of the organization. Teal symbolizes sophistication and a sense of renewal, resonating with the organization’s rejuvenating impact on communities.

Estimated time to complete: <5 minutes