La Conferencia 2023 de CA Community Land Trust Network tuvo lugar en Oakland los días 19 y 20 de octubre de 2023. Gracias a nuestra increíble comunidad de miembros y miembros de la Junta, patrocinadores, panelistas, moderadores, socios gubernamentales y sin fines de lucro, proveedores, personal del lugar y aliados que asistio.

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La próxima conferencia se llevará a cabo del 12 al 13 de septiembre de 2024 en The California Endowment en Los Ángeles!


Gracias a Pete Belkin por las fotos y el vídeo.

Presentaciones y grabación de vídeos

Jueves, Octubre 19

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Oscar Monge (T.R.U.S.T. South LA)
Damien Goodmon (Liberty CLT)
Gretchen Swanson (Long Beach Residents Empowered)
Azucena Vazquez and Jasmine Bravo (Bolinas CLT)
Ian Winters (Northern CA Land Trust)
Mia Carbajal (RichmondLAND)
Stephanie Montes (Casa Familiar / Avanzando San Ysidro CLT)

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As low-income households throughout California continue to grapple with displacement pressures and the housing affordability crisis, the need to stabilize lower-income renters and protect our aging housing stock from speculative investors has never been greater. Across the state of California, tenants, tenant organizers and CLTs are forging innovative partnerships to decommodify housing and create stable and affordable homes.

Moderator: Roberto Garcia-Ceballos, Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre (FCTL)
Panelists: Amy Schur (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), Zerita Jones (Liberty CLT), and Chris Schildt (Urban Habitat)


With so many exciting developments in the growth of community ownership in California, it’s easy to forget to look at what we can learn from beyond our borders where the CLT movement is growing both nationally and globally. This workshop will bring together speakers from the United Kingdom, New York City and closer to home to discuss the work of CLTs across the US and abroad. We’ll discuss the results of a recent Ground Solutions national census of CLTs as well as the work of the Center for CLT Innovation.

Moderator: Hannah Emery-Wright (London CLT)
Panelists: Debra Ack (East NY CLT), Amanda Bennett (Grounded Solutions Network) and Dev Goetschius (Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County)

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This workshop was a space of dialogue and exploration of the approaches that indigenous-led organizations, community land trusts, and conservation trusts are taking to acquire and steward land and housing. In addition to introducing the audience to exciting Land Back and conservation advances, speakers will focus on overlapping strategies as well as differences. The workshop will also explore opportunities for mutual learning and collaboration.

Moderator: Lydia Lopez (CA CLT Network)
Panelists: Yaynicut Franco (Wukchumni Tribe), Laurel Harkness (Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition), and Sua Hernandez (El Sereno CLT)

Viernes, Octubre 20


Brisa Avila (Tierras Indigenas CLT) 
Hope Williams (Sustainable Economies Law Center)
Jordy Coutin (USC)
Shirley Kawafuchi (CA CLT Network)
Francis McIlveen (Land + Liberty Consulting)
Steve King (OakCLT)
Leo Goldberg (CA CLT Network)
Lydia Lopez (CA CLT Network)

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Getting the Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP) into the state budget was a hard fought victory by CLTs and their allies who believe in the importance of fighting displacement and decommodifying housing. With the program poised to kick off in 2024, it’s to get ready to make the most of it. This workshop will cover:
– The basics of FIHPP
– Tools that are available for nonprofits to help qualify them for FIHPP and make the most of it
– Strategies for approaching FIHPP acquisitions and special considerations for acquiring buildings in or at-risk of foreclosure
– How local governments and tenant organizers and fuel the impact of FIHPP

Moderator: Risa B. Keeper (Community Vision)
Panelists: Ruby Harris (Enterprise), Elizabeth Wampler (LISC Bay Area)

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The CLT and community ownership movement is more well known in the northern and southern areas of California – however, important grassroots efforts are growing in the unique region of Central California and the San Joaquin Valley. This panel provides an introduction to the region and to these efforts. A goal is to foster integration and understanding of SJV efforts into the larger statewide movement, building relationships through storytelling.

Moderator: Janine Nkosi (Faith in the Valley)
Panelists: Christine Barker (Central CA Land Trust, Darlene Franco (Wukchumni Tribe), Jairius Matthews (Edge Collaborative), and Jazmin Segura (Common Counsel Foundation)


Creating stable and affordable homes in apartment buildings is a key strategy for many California CLTs. It’s a way to reach more vulnerable households and also aligns with key sustainability and resiliency goals. This workshop will explore the myriad strategies CLTs are employing to meet the needs of lower income households in multifamily housing. We will explore various approaches to rental and ownership structures with a focus on resident agency and long-term viability. Panelists will discuss use of the low-income housing tax credit, condos, limited equity housing cooperatives and tenancy in common.

Moderator: Kasey Ventura, Beverly Vermont CLT
Panelists: Jess Brown (Beverly Vermont CLT), Suzanne Kim (Northern California CLT), and Jean Diaz (St. Joseph CLT)

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Panelists from across the state explore how social housing and community land trusts are related and what we can do to support a thriving social housing ecosystem in California. Presenters will provide a landscape analysis of social housing work at the state and local level and provide updates on emerging advocacy opportunities. Attendees will also learn about social housing projects in the central valley, Los Angeles, and Bay Area.

Moderator: Rae Chen Huang (Housing Now! CA)
Panelists: Jessica Melendez (T.R.U.S.T South LA), Janine Nkosi (Faith in the Valley), and Shanti Singh (San Francisco CLT)

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Casa Familiar Community Mosaic Expansion Acquisition Process
CLT Development Finance Guide
CLT and Co-Op Friendly Lenders
Due Diligence Checklist
Due Diligence: Preservation Projects
FIHPP Draft Operating Budget
Potential Project Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process
Preservation Next Financial Model
Resident Survey & Social Feasibility Analysis

Moderator: Francis McIlveen (Land + Liberty Consulting)
Panelist: Faizah Barlas (Beverly Vermont CLT)

This session is targeted towards emerging groups, or staff/board members, with limited experience in doing acquisitions of occupied properties (aka preservation/anti-displacement projects). The format is intended to be a higher-level overview, or ‘roadmap’, to property acquisitions, with particular emphasis on occupied, multi-family rental properties, employing public subsidies in the capital stack.

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Join CACLTN policy advocates for updates on recent legislative efforts and reflection on our successes and challenges. We’ll talk about recent developments in property tax policy affecting CLTs, the Foreclosure Intervention Housing Preservation Program (FIHPP), Tenant/Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA/COPA) and more. There will also be space to brainstorm ideas and strategies for future policy efforts.

Moderator: Christina Oatfield
Panelists: Hope Williams (Sustainable Economies Law Center), Amy Hines-Shaikh (Wild Cat Consulting), Shanti Singh (San Francisco CLT)


Join us for a focused roundtable discussion about the Limited Appreciation TIC (Tenancy in common)/CLT concept. As more and more CLTs pursue multi-family, preservation (anti-displacement) projects, there is an increasing demand for a new, permanently affordable ownership model which will allow residents to realize limited appreciation (and equity). Given the cost & regulatory challenges of converting rental properties to condominium, a renewed interest in the relatively inexpensive TIC model is burgeoning.

Moderator: Francis McIlveen, Land + Liberty Consulting
Panelists: Jess Brown (Beverly Vermont CLT), Arianne Dar (Bolinas CLT), Oscar Monge (T.R.U.S.T South LA), and Maureen Sedonaen (Habitat for Humanity Greater SF Bay Area)

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This panel will explore a set of innovative financing strategies that CLTs are using to acquire and develop permanently affordable, community owned housing. Join us to learn how CLTs are crowdfunding equity, engaging community members, and utilizing residents and their families to make project financing work. We’ll be looking at a range of project types from single family homes to supportive housing to commercial spaces. Attendees will also get an overview of CLT project financing as well as lessons learned from the recent set of pilot projects.

Moderator: Alex Acuña (OakCLT)
Panelists: Saki Bailey (San Francisco CLT), Jen Collins (OakCLT), Pam Dorr (Community Land Trust Association of West Marin), and Teslim Ikharo (Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance)

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